PHOTOS : Warsheekh Experiences a boom in tourism as hundreds of visitors flock to its Beaches and Historic sites.

Hundreds of local tourists are flocking the sandy beaches of Warsheekh as the city registers a boom in tourism

The beaches of Warsheekh have become flooded by visitors from Mogadishu competing with previously popular beaches of Lido and Aljazeera in the  capital.

Majority of the visitors are young male and female.

Social media has recently been a washed with photos and blogs from Warsheekh’s beaches “On Fridays you can see hundreds of youth in vehicles from Mogadishu headed to Warsheekh” Sara Abdillah a Mogadishu resident and regular visitor of Warsheekh told Radio Dalsan Warsheekh was a popular destination for holiday makers prior to the civil war attracted by its fine beaches and historical sites It was also popular with Sufi adherents who camped for weeks on sometimes more seeking knowledge from learned Muslim scholars and Shariffs  making it a well known religious city in Somalia, the East African Coast and Arabia.

At least 10 Sufi Sheikhs were based in the city among them Sheikh Muhyadin. Omani Sufi Sheikh Abiikar Mihdar was  also based here in the 18th century
Warsheekh which is some 70km from Mogadishu is said to be the port of call for the first Italian colonial administration ship that docked in 1890.

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