United Nations trains media practitioners in Kismayo on children abuse reporting in the region

Human rights officers from the United Nations have this week provided training in Kismayo town, Jubbaland State, for media practitioners coming from 24 media outlets.

The training, according to the UN, is centered on improving the capacity of the staff to monitor and report on human rights violations affecting children in Jubaland.

The staff were taken through different sessions on how to safeguard and protect the rights of children and other vulnerable groups in society.

According to the beneficiaries of the training, the week-long course has equipped and imparted them with the knowledge and skills on how to combat child abuse and ensure the safety of children in communities.

The United Nations has been supporting Somalia in different facets, including maintaining peace and stability, implementing development projects across the country, and supporting efforts to curb discrimination against vulnerable people and children in the Horn of Africa Nation.

Cases of child abuse are rampant in Somalia and have been attributed to the decades of civil war, which has immensely bogged down efficacy of the judiciary system .


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