Somali People Defense Forces leader warns of Al-Shabaab resurgence in liberated areas

The People’s Defense Forces leader Jeyte Osman, self-declared President of Hiiraan State, reported a resurgence of the Al-Shabaab group in areas liberated from their control one year earlier.

In his public address, Jeyte stressed the importance of combating Al-Shabaab, calling for the support of residents in areas under the group’s control.Our fight against Al-Shabaab is imperative.”

Jeyte openly acknowledged the stark realities of the conflict; Jeyte said “Those residing within (Al-Shabaab territories) are subject to our bombardment, and I make no secret of this. This step is essential to combat the destructive activities of Al-Shabaab.”

Jeyte’s remarks come after a similar warning was issued in recent weeks to those under Al-Shabaab’s control. Aside from that, Jeyte claimed credit for reopening the important Beledweyne-Buulaburte route, emphasizing that there have been no reports of Al-Shabaab activity along this route since its reopening.

  1. He chided Al-Shabaab insurgents for their 15 year roadblockade, curtaling free movement of people and goods .The remarks made by the Ma’awisley leader coincide with a discernible decline in anti-Al-Shabaab activities across the country.

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