Somalia: The President of Southwest States of Somalia makes his first trip

On Monday morning Shariff Hassan Sheikh Aden the President of Southwest States of Somalia made his first visit to Bardale district in Baay region.

In the trip the president was accompanied by top officials in his government and some officers in the Somali military.

Sources close to the President say that during the tour of duty trip the President and the other officials with him will be visiting the new areas where the Somali federal government military and the AU troops have recently washed away from the radical group in Somalia Alshabab.

The officials reached Bardale by a helicopter and on landing they were warmly received by the district administration of Bardale and hundreds of the local residents.

On the other hand the reports Radio Dalsan is getting form the ground say that the administration of SWS will be exhibit Alshabab fighters who have recently surrendered to them.

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