Somalia: Baladweyn authority explain why they stopped ambassador America from entry

The administration of Baladweyn town the headquarters of Hiraan region in central Somalia, has in detail explained why they stopped Mohamed Ali Noor [America] the former Somali ambassador to Kenya from entering the town.

Salat Hassan Abdi who is the acting regional commissioner of Hiran region has explained the reason as to why they denied access for the former ambassador to enter Baladweyn.

“After we warmly welcomed the Hon: on the outskirts of Baladweyn town, I received an emergency phone call from my senior the regional commissioner Mr. Abdifatah Hassan Afrah, and he has given me order that I should not allow the ambassador to enter the town, and I couldn’t break the orders of my senior and had no other option, but to tell the ambassador to reverse his car” said Mr. Hassan the deputy regional commissioner of Hiraan region.

The deputy commissioner also added he tried to convince his senior that the ambassador is on peace tour and nothing more, but the regional commissioner insisted on his stands to keep off the ambassador form entering the town.

On the other hand the deputy regional commissioner added that he deeply regrets to what happened to Mr. America who he said was not on political tour, but on peace tour.

In an interview which the ambassador has given before he said that, it was very unfortunate for him to be prevented from entering Baladweyn town.

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