Somali Prime Minister Kheyre Says Government Succeeded In Salary Payments, Mentions Several Other Achievements

The Somali Prime Minister has spoken about what the government has achieved during the short period it has served.

Kheyre said that the government succeeded in payment of civil servants’ salaries, made agreements with foreign countries and organizations and this gave it a lot of opportunities.

He said that the government is hopeful that after this January, no one in Somali loses his/her salary to the government.

“I am telling the Somali people that while we (the current government) are less than one year old, there is a hope that the life of every Somali will be better in the future. In less than a year, everyone got his/her salaries. After paying all salaries, there are over $ 20 million in the government account and with the will of God, there will be no one to worry about the January salary. In less than a year, nations in the world are telling us that they will work with us on how to develop the economy. In less than a year, we signed $ 200 million with the government of Qatar. In less than a year, we signed $ 300 million with the American government. In less than a year, the European Union has allowed us to take contracts on our own and they will not reach decisions for us. In less than a year, they (European Union) started to make direct transfers of money to our account. In less than a year, we have done something about the security, military and the police. In less than a year, we freed prisoners held in other countries. In less than a year, we regained control of the Somali airspace. In less than a year, we passed the most number of bills that can be passed in such a short time. So every Somali person who wants his eyes to see something, knows which is the right way and which one is not,” said the Prime Minister.

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