House of the People resumes sittings after two month recess

The House of the People of the Federal Government of Somalia has resumed its sittings Tuesday Morning after a two month recess.

This will be the second sitting of the assembly which went for break shortly after electing the President of the Republic of Somalia and approving the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

The session was officially opened by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who later addressed members of the house. 

Other leaders of the Somali Government, including Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre, Senate Speaker Abdi Hashi and Cabinet members also attended the meeting.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in his national address said that his administration will give priority to tackling the humanitarian crisis in the country and the fight against the militant group al-Shabab.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has called on the legislative arm of government to speed up formulation of laws to help the administration deliver on its mandate.

Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud commended federal members of parliament who have joined the Somali Security Forces in the fight against al-Shabab.

“I am also congratulating the members of the house who fought to stand with the armed forces and the Somali civilians who stood to free themselves from the hands of militants. You have made the Somali people feel real meaning of representation of the civilians,” said Dr. Hassan Sheikh.

“We all need to take responsibility and unite against the enemy of Somalia today; we should support each other, both the government and civilians so that we can free the whole country from that enemy,” he added.


Somalia faces a plethora of daunting challenges that must be tackled including terrorism, corruption, drought, and hunger.

The country has been at conflict for decades and has struggled to establish a legitimate and strong democratically elected federal leaders.

Dr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamu’s administration has pledged to foster unity and prioritize economic reforms in the country.

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