High ranking govt officials on the run to Nairobi and Istanbul amid graft crackdown

As Somalia takes a stand against corruption, the repercussions are being felt by those who have long exploited the system.

In a stunning turn of events, over 40 senior government officials have fled the country in the past two weeks, leaving behind a trail of accusations of embezzlement and illicit practices. The flight of these officials to Nairobi and Istanbul underscores the gravity of the situation and the determination of the Somali government to hold corrupt officials accountable.

The officials on the run include ministry directors, migration officials airport officials, among others.

According to a statement from the Office of the Attorney General, 18 of the officials under investigation have already been referred to court.

Reliable sources have confirmed to Dalsan that Mohamed Adan Jimale (Koofi), Former Director of Immigration, Abdiqadir Cilmi Ali, Current Director of Immigration and have fled to Turkey Istanbul following the crackdown.

Muhiyadiin Hassan Julus (Saabey), Director of Inland Revenue, who denied the allegations, fled from Mogadishu to Adale, a coastal town in the southern Middle Shabelle, and then took a boat and traveled to Ethiopia, where he entered with a fake passport.

The anonymous  source  who enjoys  close ties with high ranking security officials disclosed   that the government is waiting for the officials to be charged so that it partner with other nations to apprehend the fugitives   .

The officials who have fled the country will face charges in absentia, including Abdirahman Abdi Karin Ibrahim, Head of Legal and Employee Relations Department at Foreign Relations Office, Abdullahi Dahir Weheliye, Cashier at Aadan Cadde International  Airport, Abdiwahid Muhsin Ibrahim, Employee at Foreign Relations Office, Muhiyadiin Hassan Julus (Saabey), Director of Inland Revenue, Mohamed Idris Ahmed, Head of Indirect Tax at Ministry of Finance, Mohamed Adan Jimale (Koofi), Former Director of Immigration, Abdiqadir Cilmi Ali, Former Director at Foreign Relations Office, and Abubakar Hassan Aadan, Former Head of Document Verification, Visa Extension Department at Foreign Relations Office.

The crackdown on corruption in Somalia is part of a larger effort by the government to promote transparency and accountability in its institutions.

The Somali government has faced numerous challenges in recent years, including political instability, terrorism, and humanitarian crises. Corruption within the government only exacerbates these issues, hindering progress and perpetuating poverty and inequality.

As Somalia continues its path towards rebuilding and strengthening its institutions, eradicating corruption remains a crucial priority for the nation’s progress and the well-being of its citizens.

The fleeing of senior government officials only highlights the extent of corruption within the government and the need for continued efforts to combat it.

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