Farmaajo Replaces Thabit Appoints Yarisow As New Mayor


Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed early Sunday sacked the country’s capital  Mayor and Governor of Banaadir region Mr. Thabit Abdi Mohamed ending his ten months at helm.

Mr. Mohamed has been replaced by Mr.Abdirahman Omar Osman who until taking up the new position was the Information Minister.

Five Deputy Mayors have been appointed to head departments in the Banaadir Regional Administration.

Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed- Policy & Security

Mr. Hussein Mohamed Nur- Administration  & Finance

Ms. Basma Omar Ahmed- Social & Awareness

Mr. Adan Sheikh Ali Fidow- General Works

Mr. Omar Abdirazak Hussein- General Secretary

At the headquarters of the Banaadir Regional Administration in Mogadishu’s Hamarweyne district NISA agents took over the security of the compound replacing the previous security personnels.

Mr. Mohamed’s sacking  followed rumoured  fall out between him and the Executive arm regarding the status of Banaadir region.


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