Danab Elite Forces Conduct Successful Military Operations Against Al-Shabaab in Middle Shabelle Region

The Somali elite forces Danab launched multiple military operations aimed at eliminating Al-Shabaab remnants from the El Ali Godle and El Ali Ahmed areas in the Middle Shebelle region.

The joint forces carried out the operation in the El Ali Godle area and other areas on the north side of the El Ali Ahmed area in the Middle Shabelle region.

The officers leading the forces that carried out the operation reported that they successfully destroyed Al-Shabaab military bases in the areas where the group used to organize attacks.

The joint forces have vowed to continue their operations and fight against Al-Shabaab until they liberate the areas where the group is entrenched in the Middle Shabelle region.

The government forces and local people are currently operating in various parts of the country as part of the second phase of operations to eliminate Al-Shabaab from Somalia.

The recent military operations against Al-Shabaab show the Somalia government’s commitment to defeating the group and building a stable and peaceful nation.

The Danab elite forces are among the most skilled and well-equipped in the Somali military, and their involvement in this operation is a clear indication of the government’s seriousness in tackling the issue of terrorism and extremism.

The operation in El Ali Godle is a significant step towards achieving peace and stability in the Middle Shabelle region, which has been ravaged by years of conflict and violence. The military operation will bring relief to the local people as they hope to rebuild their communities and livelihoods without the constant threat of violence from the Al-Shabaab group.

The success of these operations also underscores the importance of collaboration and cooperation between the government forces and local communities in the fight against terrorism.

The government must continue to engage with and empower local communities to play an active

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