Alshabaab Speaks Out On Robow Defection, Accuses Ex Leader of Collaborating With “Enemy”

Somali militant group AlShabaab have broken their silence on the defection of its Deputy leader  Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansoor.

In a 38 minutes audio released on Monday the group’s Spokesman Ali Dheere accused Robow of collaborating with foreign aid agencies, foreign countries and the government while he was still leader of AlShabaab.

Dheere says the group had launched an investigation in to the activities of aid agencies in the areas they controlled  and found out that they had conspired  to spread “Christianity, UnIslamic practices and strange diseases” .

The group claims Robow was against the investigation and expulsion of the agencies that followed.

“Robow was for the idea that we give in to the demands given by the international aid agencies and these agencies were allied to foreign western countries” Dheere said in the audio.

Dheere points out ideological differences between Robow and the top leadership of Alshabaab in how to relate to the international community.

The group alleges that Robow was later armed by foreign countries to bring down AlShabaab but failed.

Robow defected to government in August 2017 days after the US scrapped him off from a list of the most wanted terrorists.



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