Uganda to construct referral hospital for its soldiers out of money made in Somalia

The Ugandan government is to construct a referral hospital for Uganda Peoples Defence Force (UPDF) at a cost of about US$35 million.

UPDF spokesperson Paddy Ankunda told local newspaper The New Vision that the money used in the construction is made in Somalia.

“This is UPDF money – the money we made in Somalia,” he said.

General Akkunda said that the African Union and the United Nations (UN) give compensation for contingent-owned equipment.

“For every gun we take to Somalia, the AU and UN give us compensation.” He said.

He said that the construction of the modern hospital for the soldiers is a good move since the cost of treating soldiers abroad is expensive.

According to the minister of defense the construction of the hospital would be carried out in five phases at an estimated cost of US$35 million.

Dr. Crispus Kiyonga said the construction of the hospital will start in August this year.

He was responding to questions raised by the parliamentary committee on defense in regard to the ministry’s policy statement for Financial Year 2015/16.

He explained that for every soldier the African Union (AU) gives money, the government of Uganda takes away US$200 as a saving for the nation.

Uganda has the largest number of soldiers in the AMISOM peacekeeping troops in Somalia.

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