Turkish doctors say they are disappointed leaving Somalia

Turkish doctors who were operating in Somalia for the past four years have shown their disappointment leaving the country.

They are among hundreds of Turkish nationals working for US based Turkish cleric linked organization that was ordered by the Somali government to vacate the country in response for Fetulah Gulen role in the botched military coup last Friday.

The director of Deva hospital Dr. Mohamed Al Perto who spoke to the media while packing his belonging has faulted the move by the Somali government.

“We came here to help and serve our Somali brothers in the health sector,” he said.

“I was in Mogadishu for the past four years but now it is over I must leave,” he added.

Doctor Halim Yilmaz who is also the only kidney doctor in Somalia is among Nile organization and Deva hospital staff cut by the sword of Somali government.

“I am the only kidney specialist doctor in Somalia and I am disappointed against the decision by the government to send me away from my patients,” Dr. Yilmaz said.

Somali government which is a strong ally of Turkey has ordered the shut down and vacation of all aid organizations and health facilities linked to Gulen movement after failed military coup in Ankara last Friday.

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