Speaker Jawari In Trouble As MPs Move To Oust Him

At least 90 MPs in the Somalia Federal Parliament Lower House has officially communicated to the Deputy Speaker to have a motion of no confidence against Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari debated.

The Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey has confirmed having received a letter signed by the MPs mostly drawn from pro-Villa Somalia political wing.

An MP who spoke to Radio Dalsan on condition of anonymity alleged that the motion may have been sponsored by The PM Office .

The MPs accuse Speaker Jawari of violating the constitution and the Lower House’s standing orders.

The official submission of the vote of no confidence against Mr. Jawari means that he cannot chair the parliamentary sessions anymore unless it’s disapproved.

He will, however, attend sessions as an ordinary MP.

To oust the Speaker will require a two-thirds majority of the Lower House which 184.

Jawari has been the Speaker of Parliament since 2012.

The third session of the parliament which was opened last Saturday is expected to be faced by political woes and disagreements between the executive and legislative branches of the government that were not expected especially at this particular time.

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