Somali government supplies medical equipments to Adale District Hospital

The Federal government of Somalia has supplied a consignment of life saving medical supplies to the Adale District Hospital on Wednesday. 

The government provided the medical supplies which will be used for treatment at the District’s main Hospital in the recently liberated town.

The town was removed from the hands of the Somali militant group al-Shabab which controlled much of the district before September. 

The chairperson of the Presidential Health Assistance Task Force Dr. Guled Abdi Jalil handed over the supplies that included prescription drugs and medical equipment to improve health services in the country.

Dr. Guled Abdi Jalil said the supplies would go towards supporting the residents of Adale who helped Somali Armed Forces in Recent military operations.

“Our objective during our visit is to reinstate the Adale District Hospital by equipping it and making it operational. This city is one of the oldest and critical towns in coastal Somalia,” said Dr. Guled. 

“We are ready to provide all necessary support to the people of this town,” he added. 

The donated equipment would boost the hospital’s ability to extend health services to the community which were out of operation.

The Federal government delegation said that the provision of health is essential for peace and development in society, and pledged more support towards development initiatives across Somalia.

The government has vowed to equip and provide essential government services to areas liberated from the hands of the Somali militant group al-Shabab. 

Last Month, the Somali Government announced it will be sending relief aid to people in newly liberated areas from the militant group al-Shabab. As part of the Civil Military Cooperation, food aid and medical supplies will be delivered to all areas liberated by the Somali National Army (SNA).   

The Commander of the Somali Army and the Minister for Interior have suggested the use of the military in responding to the current drought.   

The government will use the military hardware in transporting and distributing the aid to deserving victims of the drought. 

According to the US Africa Command, the operations were the ‘largest’ security operation in five years against Al-Shabaab.  

The Somali National Armed Forces have conducted recently successful operations that led to the liberation of more than twenty villages where the militants were heavily defeated.

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