El-Nino preparations take shape in Somalia

SoDMA chairman Mahmoud Ma’allin Abdulle spearheaded a high-level consultative meeting at the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA) headquarters in Mogadishu to discuss emergency response to the El-Nino rains. The meeting brought together government officials, partner organizations, civil society, and women’s groups to address the global challenge of El-Nino. Collective action and coordination among all actors were emphasized to effectively address its impact.

Participants actively shared valuable insights, innovative ideas, and suggestions on proactive disaster preparation and response.

Education Minister Farah Sheikh Abdulqaadir highlighted the vulnerability of the education sector and assured comprehensive contingency plans and emergency education programs are being developed.

Health Minister Dr. Ali Haji Adan stressed the importance of preparedness in the health sector, expressing concerns about potential outbreaks of diseases. The ministry is  strengthening surveillance and response systems, mobilizing resources, and collaborating with partners to provide adequate health services and supplies.

The State Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, Hirsi Jaama Gaani, emphasized the government’s commitment to addressing the effects of El-Nino rains. A national task force and coordination mechanism have been established, but increased support from the international community and donors is needed.

During the consultative meeting, speakers emphasized the need for collective efforts and immediate action. Priorities should focus on strengthening information sharing and coordination at national and sub-national levels. Developing comprehensive contingency plans and emergency response strategies for each sector and region is crucial. Mobilizing resources and capacities for preparedness and response activities is also important. Enhancing community resilience through awareness raising, early warning systems, risk reduction measures, and livelihood support is emphasized Advocating for more humanitarian assistance  and protection for affected people is a strong call. Regular monitoring and evaluation of the situation and response activities are essential for an effective and efficient response.

This consultative meeting is part of a series of ongoing consultations conducted by SoDMA to enhance Somalia’s preparedness for the El-Nino disaster by fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and developing effective strategies to mitigate its impact.

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