Somali and Yamani refugees flood to Puntland hits 800

The number of Somali refugees who have reached Puntland in the past two weeks after fleeing hostilities in Yemen now totals 800 people mostly women and children, Bosaaso port officials said.

The Somali refugees travelled onto overloaded boats from the capital Yemen and the number could raise further Puntland’s deputy interior minister Abdulahi Hashi has told reporters at the port.

IOM office in Puntland has been receiving a growing number of refugees and launched several places in Bosaaso, aimed at helping them.

“Previously around 402 people including Yemeni nationals have arrived Bosaaso seeking places to refuge now the whole number is 660” Abdulahi Hashi said.

There are unrevealed number of refugees who have reached small ports in Gombax ,Tooxin and Bareedo districts and asked aid agencies to deliver food and other necessary foods.


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