Prominent Somali scholar condemns Kenyan Muslim politicians

 Prominent Somali Muslim scholar in Kenya has condemned Muslim politicians in the country.

Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Umal has called upon Muslim politicians in Kenyan government to stop pointing finger into the Islamic institutions such as mosques and Madrasas.

Speaking during Friday sermon in Easteligh mosque Sheikh Umal said mosques and Madrasas have nothing to do with radicalization and extremism saying those who think so are ill advised and did not understand the values of the Islam

“Everybody knows that young people who participated in recent attacks are from leading universities in the country like university of Nairobi, Kenyatta and even schools, so what are Islamic institutions such as mosques to do with this?”

“Why are we not talking about the universities to stop radicalization and instead finger point to Islamic institutions,” he added.

Sheikh Umal who is among more than 86 individuals whose bank accounts has been suspended with allegation of  funding Al Shabaaab has also urged Muslim leaders in the government to protect the interest of Muslims in the country.

“It’s not the time our leaders finger point and blame our Madara,duksi and mosque. Its high time they stand with us,”

“Muslims are in need of peace and stability than anyone else. If security situation changes and clashes broke, Muslims are vulnerable, our women, business and everything will be affected then are we not those yearning for security in this country,”

On recent Garissa University attacks and the alleged Al Shabaab separation of Muslims and Christians students the Sheikh condemned and said it is nothing to do with Islam as purported by some media outlets.

“We hear news that they separated Muslims from Christians in Garissa attack,  What about those University graduate in Mogadishu ,Somalis in Hotels and Mosque who were killed in the same way?”

“Were they not Muslims? Why did they not get the right of separation of Christians and Muslim in Kenya?”

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