Security Meeting Held in Mogadishu to Strengthen Capital’s Security

Top-level security officials, convened an important meeting in the Somali capital on Monday evening, to address the pressing issue of the security situation in Mogadishu.

The Governor of Banadir Region and Mayor of Mogadishu, Mr Yusuf Hussein Jimale (Madaale), led the meeting, which was held at the Hamar Local Government House and attended by various key figures in the security sector.

Some of the attendees included the Minister of State for Internal Security, Mr Mohamed Ali Hagaay, the Somalia Police Force Commander, General Sulub Ahmad Firin, and the Commander of the National Security and Intelligence Service, Mr Mahad Mohamed Salad.

In addition, Deputy Governors of the Banadir Regional Government and the General Secretary of the Regional Government were also present.

The primary focus of the meeting was to address the identified gaps in the security situation in Mogadishu, with an emphasis on coordinating the efforts of various security agencies and district administrations.

Attendees exchanged ideas and strategies aimed at strengthening the security of the capital, particularly given the recent events.

Mogadishu has been the site of several deadly attacks, mainly attributed to Al-Shabaab militants. The attacks have left dozens of people dead and many others injured.

As a result, bolstering the city’s security has become a top priority for the federal government and relevant authorities.

During the meeting, Governor Jimale emphasized the need for cohesive efforts among security agencies and district administrations.

He stressed the importance of timely sharing of information and assigning specific roles and responsibilities to various stakeholders.

Likewise, each stakeholder was encouraged to define its role in the security plan and work towards its effective implementation.

The meeting is a significant step in the right direction towards improving the security situation in Mogadishu.

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