PM Hamza Barre tours strategic Djibouti ports during official visit

The Prime Minister of the Federal government of Somalia Hamza Abdi Barre who is in Djibouti for a working official has visited different ports in Djibouti on Wednesday.

Mr. Hamza Barre toured the key infrastructures accompanied by senior leaders of the Djibouti government.

The Somali Prime Minister is accompanied by a large ministerial delegation including Abdourazak Omar Mohamed Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Mohamed Ali Haga Minister of the Interior, Kadiga Mohamed Diriye Minister of Women and Human Rights.

The two Prime Ministers had a meeting which focused on cooperation between our two countries and the ways and means of further strengthening them in the future.

An expanded meeting is scheduled between the two parties for more in-depth discussions to boost multi-sectoral cooperation between the two countries which share commonalities and are bound by mutual interests.

During his visit, the Somali Premier will also have talks with the highest authorities in Djibouti.

The Somali Prime Minister’s delegation will also visit the country’s main infrastructures, including the regional observation and environmental research center.

The Somali leader and his delegation were shown the center of the internet that controls under sea cable networks providing communication services to millions in the region. 

Mr. Hamze praised the administration for the continuous development in Djibouti communication.

Undersea cables are the invisible force driving the modern internet, with many in recent years being funded by internet giants such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

The high level of solidarity, supreme guarantee of fraternity between the two countries, reflects the voluntary commitment of the Republic of Djibouti in the pacification and security of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The trip by Somalia’s new Prime Minister will serve as a platform assigned to the two countries to reiterate their commitment to the preservation and promotion of the privileged ties that the two nations maintain, in general, in all areas of cooperation.

There the two governments aspire to jointly further development projects, as a framework conducive to the identification of new fruitful economic partnerships between the two countries.

The two leaders have also held consultations and exchanges dedicated to the achievement of a new dynamic in relations between the two countries and will also go through an enlarged working meeting, planned, between the delegations of the two parts.

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