NISA Agents & Amisom Troops In A Standoff As Investigation Is Launched On Death of 2 Somali Soldiers

The African Union peacekeeping mission in Somalia has broken its silence over an incident where two Somali security forces were killed in a confrontation with Ugandan troops.

Head Of Amisom Amb. Francisco Madeira on Sunday confirmed the Friday incident.

“The incident is under investigation by both the federal government of Somalia and Amisom” Madeira said in a statement.

A source informed Radio Dalsan that Ugandan troops were under instruction not to venture out of their Halane Amisom basecamp with NISA agents threatening to revenge the death of their two colleagues.

There have been conflicting reports of the 8pm incident at the KM4 NISA checkpoint which happened after the Alshabaab claimed twin bombings.

One report claims that an Amisom convoy approached the Nisa Checkpoint and was ordered to stop and use a different entrance. One of the Amisom soldiers was irritated and drew out a pistol aimed at a NISA agent.

A vehicle belonging to a civilian injured in the Friday NISA checkpoint shooting.

Other NISA agents responded by aiming at the Amisom soldiers but both later drew down their weapons and returned to their vehicles.

Another report indicates that Uganda top Commander Brigadier Gen Paul Lokech was present in the convoy and ordered his troops to shoot when NISA agents declined the convoy to proceed.

Brig.Gen Lokech had however before the Sunday statement said to have refuted such claims saying he was at his office at the time of the incident.

Amisom statement said the troops involved in the incident had been transporting victims of the Friday Alshabaab bombing to an Amisom hospital.

Two NISA agents and three civilians were injured in the incident besides the two deaths.



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