Shekhal clan leader criticizes Somali president and Galmudug election members

Subject; Complaint against election teams and members associated with Somali president Hassan Sheik over misleading and mismanaging electoral process.

We, the clan elders of Caagane subclan, who are in the official list to vote the candidate from Caagane who are contesting the seat in Galmudug. (a signed copy of delegates submitted to election  committee is attached)

The purpose of list complaint letter is to share with all concerned parts that small group led by Somali president hassan sheik and farah abdulkadir through Galmudug election teams are trying to   hijack and mislead the electoral process.  We come across obstacles to delay the schedule for election of Caagane sub-clan candidate by Galmudug president which he intends to illegally bring new list of delegates to vote a candidate member who is in favor for President Hassan Shek and Farah Abdulkadir .

We have submitted list of delegates from Caagane sub-clan two months ago and the date for the election has been postponed several times.

We are very concerned that Election committee is acting as brokers and facilitating this corruption and wants to delay the election unless someone associate with President Hassan wins.

We have talked about our concerns with election committees and dispute resolution mechanism here in Galmudug several times but nothing has been solved.

We want to inform all concerned parts that president Hassan Sheihk through Farah Abdulkadir, Galmudug president and election committees wants to give the seat of Caagane sub-clan to Ali yare who is currently working with Farah sheikh as office secretary.


The clan committee

Tell;  0615500138


Sultan Mohamed Sultan Muse Hajji Barre (Luga Loh)

“General sultan of Shekhal clan”