Somali legislators want Speaker Madobe to implement measures to facilitate parliamentary proceedings

Somali legislators have asked Speaker Sheikh Adan Madobe to take appropriate measures to help parliament do its work efficiently. 

The members of parliament have decreed harassment from security agencies on their way to work.

The assembly is located in Villa Hargeisa inside Villa Somalia where the Presidency and the Office of the Prime Minister.

Parliamentarians said security agencies manning checkpoints leading to have been giving them a hard time, affecting their operations.

Security has been tight since the al-Shabab dared to attack a hotel near Villa Somalia last Sunday.

This led to the postponement of sessions of the House of the people as gunfire could still be heard in the Hotel. 

The attack was claimed by the group which said it was targeting the Presidency which has renewed fighting against the militants. 

Federal Member of Parliament Dahir Jeesow said the house leadership must defend members of parliament.

He said the house is facing serious challenges that might derail their work and performance reducing the hopes of the Somali people. 

“We can visibly see the obstacles and things that will affect the face of this house. We urge the speaker to be vigilant and lead the house without being misled,” said Dahir.

This is the second session of parliament which went on a two month recess after electing the head of state, approving the prime minister and his cabinet as well as the annual budget. 

The new parliament which contains 275 lower-house MPs officially started legislative work in April this year before electing the President and approving his cabinet. 

The house will play a critical role in the review of the constitution and formulation of bills critical to service delivery. 

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