New Kenyan ambassador to Somalia unhurt in Al Shabaab attack

New Kenyan ambassador to Somalia Maj.Gen Rtd. Lucas Tumbo has survived Al Shabaab claimed deadly attack on Mogadishu Jazeera hotel on Sunday.

Ambassador Tumbo was among several other diplomats and senior International Organizations staff that were in the hotel when a lorry laden with explosive materials was targeted at the hotel.

Several Kenyan nationals who are also the staff of the hotel which is in the vicinity of Aden Abdulle International airport escaped unhurt.

At least ten people were killed and scores others were wounded during the attack.

Jazeera hotel is home to key embassies in Somalia including China, Qatar and Egypt.

Mj. Gen Rtd. Nicholas Tumbo who was recently appointed and approved by the parliament.

He presented his diplomatic credentials to Somali Foreign Minister Abdisalam Hadliye on 24th July and was only two days in the country.