IGAD head of states meeting in Mogadishu confirmed

Somali Government has confirmed the attendances of IGAD head of states meeting in Mogadishu.

Foreign Minister Abdisalam Hadliye has officially confirmed the attendance of key head of states in the crucial regional block meeting next week.

Speaking to the press in Nairobi Mr. Hadliye said the success of the meeting is significant to improving international reputation of the horn of the African state recuperating from decades of civil strife.

The high profile meeting follows rotational regional block head of states annual meeting in the cities of member states.

The leaders agreed to hold the annual meeting during their last meeting in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Security has been heightened across Somali city to preempt armed group Alshabaab disruption of the key meeting in the country since 1980s African union head of states meeting.