Mogadishu Protests To Demand Arrest Of Slain Enterpreneur Mohamed Ali Assassins

Mogadishu residents mostly youth took to the streets of the Somali capital to demand for the government to apprehend those behind the killing of young enterpreneur Mohamed Sheikh Ali.
Ali who settled in Mogadishu from Arusha Tanzania to start up Somalia’s first post civil war laundry and florist was on Thursday fatally shot in the Somali capital.
Protestors said they would hold a larger demonstration in the city if authorities fail to arrest the culprits.
“Life is becoming priceless in Mogadishu, the killings of brightest and best of our youth and society are making news headlines everyday, we will do something about it or next news story will be us, #Rise4oursafety #WeAreNotSafe” Ahmed Vision tweeted.
“We cannot remain silent because those who killed our brothers and sisters must be held accountable. This story of ‘unknown assailants’ must be stopped.
#WeWantJustice #WeAreNotSafe ” Alinur Abdi tweeted.
A campaign using the  hashtag  #WeAreNotSafe is calling for the government to act upon the killimg of  young talented minds who have recently been targeted by militants.
Mohamed Sheikh Ali who is the Chapter Director Start Up Grind Mogadishu was attacked by unknown gunmen near the Banadir junction.
Ali was pronounced dead at a Mogadishu hospital after surgery.
In 2012 Ali established Premium the first dry cleaning business and Amber Gardens florist, the first since the civil war erupted in 1991.
The young enterpreneur had won the hearts of many in Mogadishu where he remained optimistic to be part of rebuilding Somalia.
In August 2015 he founded the Start Up Grind Mogadishu Chapter

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