Mogadishu Nurse Killed By Armed Robbers

In Mogadishu, the killing of 23-year-old nurse Na’imo Abdirahman by armed criminals in the Juungal neighborhood of the Yaqshid district has sparked widespread condemnation.

Na’imo Abdirahman worked at the Madina Hospital in the city, and the criminals killed her over her phone, which they attempted to steal. When she resisted and held onto the phone, the assailants shot and killed her before fleeing on a Bajaj motorcycle. Although security forces arrived shortly after the incident, they could not apprehend the criminals. This tragic event comes at a time when security in Mogadishu had improved following the transfer of security responsibilities to highly trained special forces and the weapons ban within the city limits.

Despite these security improvements, Mogadishu still grapples with youth gangs known as “Ciyaal Weero,” which are prevalent in the city’s peripheral areas.

These gangs are involved with criminal activities such as robbery, extortion, and drug trafficking and often use weapons such as knives, machetes, and firearms.

While poverty, unemployment, lack of education and opportunities, and weak governance are the primary contributing factors to the gangs’ rise, there are allegations that some government soldiers have joined gangs with guns and have been participating in robberies and sharing stolen items. Firearms are easily obtainable in Mogadishu, further exacerbating the situation.

Following the event, a meeting was held at Madina Hospital workers to discuss and condemn the killing of Na’imo Abdirahman. During the meeting, her colleagues expressed condolences and demanded the immediate arrest of those responsible for the murder. They urged the public to work with the police to identify and report them to the authorities.

The killing of the young nurse, Na’imo Abdirahman, presents another aspect of the multifaceted security challenge that Somalia is facing, with youth gangs being one of the many issues.

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