Somali military retake villages from al Shabab in Lower Shabelle region

The Somali National Army’s (SNA) 14th October Brigade, in the Lower Shabelle region, has successfully recaptured several villages in the area on Wednesday.

This encouraging development came after a string of attacks from the militant group al Shabab. The villages that the SNA recaptured include Jowhar Awdhegle, Ay-Butey, Gumeysidid, Kali Cafimad, and Buulo-Nagey, under the districts of Awdheegle, Janalle, and Number 50.

The operation on these villages was initiated after Al-Shabaab took control of them a few days ago. The group used checkpoints to extort money from people and public vehicles while setting up makeshift court systems where they delivered their twisted version of fine justice.

The military officers leading the operation reported that the SNA destroyed the checkpoints and courts and overpowered the militant group, taking control of the area.

Wednesdays liberation of the villages came after locals in the area attributed to the help provide valuable intelligence and played a vital role in safeguarding the soldiers.

The operation follows several previous military victories by the SNA, with support from civilians, in the Hiiraan, Galgadud, and Lower Shabelle regions. The victories have been instrumental in reducing the grip of al Shabab in Somalia.

As part of his administration’s commitment to ensuring national security, President Hassan Sheikh has officially announced the beginning of the second phase of the operations to eradicate al Shabab. The president’s administration aims to rid the country of al Shabab completely, improving security for both urban and rural areas.

The military operations designated to eliminate al Shabab have been in progress since 2006, and Somalia’s government, with the aid of its international counterparts, aims to end the violence caused by the group.

Al Shabab has carried out many attacks in Somalia, targeting civilians, government buildings, and security personnel.

The Somali government has taken significant strides towards winning the fight against al Shabab.

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