Mayor Thabit Ushers 2018 At Checkpoints With Security Forces

The Mayor of Mogadishu Mr. Thabit Mohamed made a surprise visit on the city’s checkpoints to usher the new year with Somali police and Somali National Army soldiers, Radio Dalsan reports.

At the tick of the hour to welcome 2018 Mayor Mohamed visited Mogadishu’s city limits entrance cat Sinka Dheer, Dayniile and Suuqa Holaha where he supplied foodstuff to security agents manning the checkpoints.

Radio Dalsan’s reporter Suleiman who accompanied the Mayor said Mr.Mohamed had the chance to talk to the security agents encouraging them to defend their nation.

” Tonight I chose to spend time with you.

You are our brave soldiers and you deserve every support from us” said Mohamed.

Police and NISA agents who met the Mayor briefed him on their day to day duties to secure the capital.

The Mayor mingled with the security personnel who were evidently surprised by his night visit.

Earlier in his new year address to the people of Benaadir region Mohamed pledged to improve the security of Mogadishu which in October last year experienced the worst terror attack in Somalia’s history.

Security was beefed up as residents of Mogadishu gathered at the famous Liido beach for New Year celebrations.

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