Amisom Troops Contributing Countries Pledge To Back A Smooth Somalia Transition

Amisom troops contributing countries have expressed their optimism about the much anticipated Somalia transition into full control of the security by the Horn of Africa country at the end of the AU peacekeeping mandate.

Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi and Sierra Leone were represented in Wednesday´s Security High Level meeting in the Belgian capital Brussels where the take over by Somalia security forces was the main agenda.

In an exclusive interview with Radio Dalsan from Brussels Djibouti Ambassador Dr Aden Hassan Aden said the conference is crucial  ahead of the complete pull out by the Amisom troops.

“This transitional period will prepare Somali government mentally and physically so it will not be a very hard task when the time finally comes. In today´s meeting Brussels we are notifying how the plan can occur both strategically and statistically. We are sharing ideas with the Somalia government and international partners” the Djiboutien envoy told Radio Dalsan.

“We as Troops Contributing Countries have paid enough with our blood, energy , means and lives of our gallant men and women in uniform for the sake of Somalia and making peace possible to happen. Its not an easy task when your men die every day outside the country for protecting other people’s lives, but it was a great sacrifice and decision which was made possible by President Ismail Omar Gelleih” Diplomat Aden said.

“Djibouti has been there for Somalia and will always be there for them but now it’s almost time to give responsibility to Somali’s. We will prepare them  train them enable capacity building in the security transitional time and then transfer our security responsibilities to our Somali brothers and sisters. Hope is on the way” Dr Aden added.

Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Khaire, The EU, United Nations , Amisom, African Union were represented in the in the meeting chaired by European Foreign And Security Policy Service.

The 22000-strong Amisom force was scheduled to commence a gradual withdrawal from end of 2018 .

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