Unknown assailants kill prominent businessman in Bosaso town

Reports coming from the port city of Bosaso indicate unknown gunmen have killed Malaaq Ibrahim Abdirahman, a community leader and a prominent businessman from South West State.

According to witnesses, Ibrahim was killed after leaving a mosque in the town where he performed the dawn prayer, better known as “Fajr”.

The assailants immediately escaped from the scene.

The motive behind the killing is not clear, but cases of assassination of prominent figures in the town have recently been on the rise.

On Friday last week, Khadar Abdi Ali , a celebrated leader from Ethiopia’s Somali region and a prominent figure in Puntland State, was killed at his residence after an unidentified person forcibly gained entry into a house located in Raf and Raho villages.

The assassination also left his son with serious injuries, sparking condemnation and uproar in the Puntland and Ethiopian Somali regions.

Puntland security forces have launched an investigation into the incident in an attempt to apprehend the perpetrators.


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