Somaliland Opposition Leader Warabe Speaks On Death of ISIS Son In Syria

The leader of Somaliland Ucid political party Mr. Feisal Warabe on Sunday confirmed his son had been killed in an airstrike in Syria fighting for ISIS.

Speaking to BBC Somali Warabe said he learnt of the death of his 24 year old SayyidHussein through a clip sent from Syria.

“It is his wife who sent a clip to the boy’s mother saying that he had died on 29 December last year.” Warabe said in an interview.

A composed Warabe said that his son who is a Finnish citizen went to Syria in 2013 with the right intention to help fellow Muslims before the creation of ISIS.

“Death is a right. We can only thank God in all situation. He died with the good intention to raise the word of God. I pray to God to take him to a good place”  he said.

SayyidHussein who’s nom de guerre was Abu Shuaib had been caught up in the siege in Raqqa  but managed to escape together with his wife and children only to die in an undisclosed location.

The last communication he made was on 25th December four days before his death.

Warabe said he had been against his son joining ISIS.

“When he joined the group I communicated with Finland and told them to revoke his passport. But they said he is over 18 and has the right to have his passport” Warabe said.

According to Warabe his son had intended to return back home after disappointment with ISIS.

“Death came to him while he was planning to return home. He had been constantly communicating with the mother on that” He explained.

“May God judge him according to his intention” Warabe concluded

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