Somali Presidential candidate decries corruption in upper house elections

Somali Presidential aspirant has decried gross corruption in the ongoing upper house elections in the regional states headquarters.

Abdirahman Abdishakur has said delegates are being bribed by the candidates in order to secure seats.

“I was informed that delegates receive over 5000 USD from candidates interested in the upper house for voting,” he said.

Mr. Abdishakur has lashed out to what he described as unacceptable behavour of the corrupt delegates saying it will greatly impact on the upcoming presidential elections if not carefully addressed.

“Politics is in the interest of the state and people and thus we need healthy politics,” he said.

Former planning minister has called upon Somali politicians to separate between politics and business.

His remarks come just days after upper house elections kicked off across the regional states headquarters in the country.

Presidential elections is set towards the end of next month.

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