Puntland Students In Somaliland In Fear After Warabe Called For Their Deportation

Puntland students studying in Borama town’s Amoud University are living under fear after a Somaliland opposition leader demanded their deportation following the Tukaraq conflict, Radio Dalsan reports.

Outspoken politician Feisal Warabe told journalists that the Somaliland administration should send home atleast 500 Puntland students at the university.

The Amoud University however rubbished the calls by Warabe pledging to ensure a safe stay and study for the Puntland students.

The administration os now seeking an official apology from Warabe over his remarks, Radio Dalsan reporter in Hargeisa said.

Some of the students are reported to have been planning to leave Somaliland for Puntland.

Amoud university and Borama town has been an academic center since pre civil war era and attracted students from across Somalia.

The conflict over the disputed Sool region town of Tukaraq has been on off since January 2018 .

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