One ambulance serving one million refugees in Dadaab

Despite poor health care services in overcrowded Dadaab refugee camp the only ambulance in one of the largest refugee camp in the world is expected to serve more than one million people.

Maalim Ahmed Abdi a resident in the refugee camp has told Radio Dalsan via phone call about challenge they face during urgent medical issues especially pregnancy and maternal health.

He has appealed to the United Nations representatives which he accused of negligence to improve healthcare services by increasing the number of emergency ambulance vehicles.

Mama Fatuma Mohamed who lived in the camp for the past 15 years has specifically requested Somali diaspora and Somali embassy in Nairobi to purchase an ambulance for the Somali refugees in the camp to improve access to health care in the area.

“Pregnant mothers in the camp are in danger of losing their lives because there is only one ambulance which sometimes develops mechanical problems,” she said.

There are over a half a million Somali refugees living in Dadaab refugee camp in North Eastern Kenya.

They fled the breakout of the civil war in Somalia in late 1990s.

Late 2013, Kenya and Somalia have agreed on to repatriate willing refugees back home and there are already significant number of them who returned to peaceful areas.

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