Top Alshabaab Commander killed by 2 civilians in HirShabelle, after fighting broke out over extortion

Two Charcoal dealers on Tuesday surrendered to Hirshabelle authorities after killing a top Alshabaab commander in Eleher some 50km from Jowhar
The commander has been identified as Abdirahman Raahale and is said to be one of the top commanders of the militant group in central Somalia.
According to Hirshabelle authorities a gunfight ensued between the commander and the two traders when the former tried to extort the charcoal dealers.
The two charcoal dealers were displayed to the media. They claim they were forced to assasinate the commander after many complaints by locals of Eldher Barsame, 50 KM west Jowhar.
Alshabaab still controls a number of rural villages and towns. Extorting of traders has been one of their main sources of finance according to reports
Alshabaab still control pockets of resistance in parts of Middle Shabelle and Galgudud
Residents of Eldher like many of the Alshabaab controlled areas have been fighting a losing battle in the last 2 years with no military assistance from the Somalia National Army and Amisom.