Somalia: Minister for information sends amnesty call to Alshabab leaders

The Minister for Information and tourism of the Somali federal government honorable Mohamed Abdi Xayir Mareeye has on Monday sent amnesty call to Alshabab leaders if they surrender themselves to the Somali government.

The Minister said the statement during the wrap-up of cultural show which his ministry which was going on for 4 months.

“If the leaders of Alshabab including their current spokesman Sheikh Ali Dhere surrender themselves to the Somali government we assure to offer them official amnesty” said Minister Xayir.

On the other hand the Minister has urged the Somali people to closely work with the Intelligence agencies for the wellbeing of the country.

He has also urged the youth who are with Alshabab to relinquish from the faction and join the government he guaranteed to offer them jobs which are suitable for them and lead better life much better than their current.

The statement of the Minister coincides with a time when Alshabab has redouble its attacks and regaining positions which they have earlier lost.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein