Somalia: Deadly Suicide attack in a military garrison in Kismayo

Reports coming from the coastal seaport town Kismayo on Saturday say that a suicide attack took place in a military training garrison in the town.

The attack was carried out by a former Alshabab fighter who has a year ago surrendered himself to the Somali government.

“The attack occurred in a Somali military training ground, the papatretor was formally Alshabab, but has surrendered himself to the government he was driving a van full explosive and drove in without been checked and detonated himself in the middle of his colleagues, so far we 15 casualties and scores of injuries” says Colonel Adan Abdi a military Colonel in Kismayo speaking to the English department of Radio Dalsan.

The Place where the attack took place was formally the University. The attack has affected the commercial activities in the town all the business centers in the town were shutdown.

Alshabab which is a fanatic Islamist group engaged in a battle with the Somali government and the AU troops has claimed to be behind the attack.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein