Somalia: Combat between gov’t soldiers and Alshabab in Gedo region

Reports coming in from Gedo region southwest of the capital Mogadishu say, that heavy fighting has on Monday morning taken place at Qodaxey location in the region.

Qodaxey location comes under Bardere district which was recently liberated from Alshabab after having been in control for more than 8 years.

“The fight erupted just immediately after daybreak, and it lasted for some hours, so far I have seen 7 bodies and wounded persons of 10, the casualties might be more than that, but that is what I have witnessed” says a local resident in Qodaxey location speaking to the English department of radio Dalsan over the phone, and does not want his name to be disclosed.

The witness also added that there were no civilian casualties at all.

So far the two battling sides have not given out comments regarding the fight between them.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein