Somali President extends amnesty for Al Shabaab fighters

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has called upon members of the armed group Al Shabaab to ditch what he described the takfiri ideology and join the development of the war ravaged nation.

Speaking during Eid on Friday to thousands of Somalis in Mogadishu main mosque, Sheikh Mohamud said his government is open to any member of the group who is ready to shun the violence and take part in the rebuilding of the security of the country.

“The government has welcomed some members who have been significant on the ranks of the group, there was million bounty on their head and now they are happy within the community as we speak,” he said.

He said the hit and run attacks of the armed group in the country will not stop the ongoing security and development progress in the recuperating state and Somali government is ready to forgive the group leaders if they shun the violence.

“The government does not want to revenge but we will continue talking and welcome any one who ditches the violent idea,”

He urged Somali citizens to embrace the spirit of forgiveness to take advantage of the Eid festivity.

Meanwhile a statement from President office has confirmed that President Sheikh Mohamud has pardoned 79 prisoners to honor the Islamic holiday of Eid.