Somali President calls on the media to practice responsible Journalism

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has called upon the media to practice responsible journalism and take part in the reconciliation and unity process in the country.

He said the media has the responsibility in taking part of the rebuilding and reconstruction process of the recuperating state and therefore should separate the difference between freedom of the media and press propaganda.

“The government appreciates the role independent media is playing in the country but they must be accountability on the violation of media freedom, their content must always be based on truth and transparency,”

Sheikh Mohamud was speaking on Wednesday morning shortly after laying flower in Mogadishu Daljirka Dahson independent monument square to mark 55 years since the independence and  unity of the southern and northern  regions of the country.

The horn of African state which plunged into civil war in early 1990s is recovering from two decades of war.

Al Qaida linked armed group Al Shabaab which was pushed out of key areas in the country by Somali National Army backed by African Union troops has intensified attacks against government during the holy month of Ramadan.