Six killed in Alshabaab attack near Kenya-Somalia border

Six people were killed by suspected Alshabaab militants after an assault on two buses they were travelling around Elwak town near Somalia border.

Tawakal and E coach bus services were heading to the capital Nairobi from the border town of Mandera during the attack.

Security officials in the area also confirmed un specified number of  injuried in 10:00 am local time attack and were taken to nearby hospitals for treatment.

The attack comes just hours after security committee in Mandera County issued a travel ban on non-locals travelling to the capital Nairobi due to security measure to preempt attacks during the holy month of Ramadan.

Mandera governor Ali Roba immediately condemned the attack and called upon the local population to closely work with security agencies to improve security.

Alshabaab has carried out a wave of attacks in the area targeting local transport and security machinery.

Four Kenyan security officers were killed by Alshabab militant after they attacked their vehicle in Damasa, Elwak last week.

The group has vowed to intensify attack against Somalia and African union troops during the holy month of Ramadan.