New candidates join race for Hir-Shabelle upper house senate

Heavy weight Somali politicians have announced their candidacy for the seats of Hir-Shabelle upper house ahead of the senate’s election scheduled this week in Jowhar town, the state’s headquarters.

The newly established Hir-Shabelle state is expected to forward in the coming days its Eight-member candidates list, who will represent in the Upper House chamber of Federal Parliament of Somalia.

former Somali prime minister Ali Mohamed Gedi, Hajji Muse Suudi Yalahow, ex MP and Bashir Rageh Shirar and a former diplomat at US embassy in Nairobi are the front-runners likely to win in the Hir-Shabelle upper house race.

Former Somali president Ali Mahdi Mohamed withdrew his candidacy for the upper house seat over unknown circumstances, according to Radio Dalsan sources.

The ballot for candidates representing Hir-Shabelle in the Upper House chamber is expected to take place in state’s Parliament this week, over 20 candidates will compete for the 8 seats quota.

The new president of Hir-Shabelle state Ali Abdullahi Osoble is currently making efforts to hold ‘free and fair upper house elections’  by observing the 30-percent quota for women in the ongoing electoral process.

However, the horn of Africa country is in period of preparation to hold a general elections of parliamentary and presidential that is scheduled to wrap up in November 30, 2016.