Mogadishu mayor orders unnecessary city roadblocks

The mayor of Mogadishu has ordered end to unnecessary roadblocks in Somali capital.

Yussuf Hussein Jimale has specifically mentioned increasing roadblocks in the major roads in the capital main road heading to Mogadishu seaport.

Residents of the city believe roadblocks and checkpoints scattered across the capital is obstacle to their daily life activities such as business.

However Somali security agencies that are responsible for the most security barriers and roadblocks have maintained it saying they are for security purpose.

Mogadishu mayor order comes amid increasing threats from armed group Alshabaab towards upcoming historic elections in the country on November.

Five people were killed on Saturday near popular restaurant in Mogadishu after car laden with explosive exploded.

Alshabaab later claimed the responsibility for the attack.

By Hassan Istiila