Community and stake holders interact at Somali cultural event

The Center for Community Awareness (CCA) sponsored Somali Cultural Program on Tuesday night has brought together community and Mogadishu local authority stakeholders.

The colorful event which was held at Shibis District of Benadir Region has provided avenue of interaction between the security agencies mainly Somali police, the New governor, some members of parliament, Somali youth and women activists.

The occasion which was also used by several speakers to congratulate and welcome new Mogadishu mayor who also doubles up as Banadir governor has stressed the need for similar programs by the organization in order to bring together the community to strengthen peace and security in the city.

Government officials including Member of Parliament Ibrahim Salah Deyfullah has thanked CCA for the initiative and called upon other organizations to follow the suit to engage the community.

On his part the new Mogadishu mayor Hussein Yusuf Jimcale has thanked the community and CCA for the colorful welcoming event while promising to closely work with the organization in its cultural event aimed at reaching out to the community to foster peace and security in the country.

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