Al Shabaab fighters take over Kenya village near border

Kenyan media has reported that Gunmen suspected to be members of armed group Al-Shabaab, have literally taken over a village in Mandera near the border with Somalia.

More than 30 armed fighters were seen in the village of Gari that created panic among students’ of four primary schools in the area according to eye witnesses.

On Thursday, students of Gari Secondary School scampered for safety after receiving reports that the gunmen had been spotted on a nearby road.

Other reports say some residents have seek refuge in neighboring towns such as Elwak and Mandera.

This latest escalation by Al Shabaab yet again inside Kenya after Yumbis attack in Garissa comes as President Uhuru Kenyatta called upon Kenyans to unite to secure the country in his Madaraka day speechon Monday.

More than 150 people mainly students were killed when Al Shabaab attacked Garissa university college earlier part of May.

The group has carried out wave of attacks inside Kenya since it sent troops inside Somalia in October 2011.