Malala visits Dadaab refugee camp to draw world attention on effects of closure

Youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner is spending her night in one of the largest refugee camps in the world to draw global attention to implications of closure by Kenyan government.

Malala Yusufzai will celebrate her 19th birthday in the North Eastern Kenyan camp with young Somali refugee girls to also campaign for girl child education.

“I am here to speak for my unheard sisters of Somalia striving for education every day,” Malala told the media.

According to her spokesman Taylor Royle, Yousafzai has been in contact with a group of Somali girls living in Dadaab refugee camp since last year and planned to meet them during her visit.

She cautioned that if Kenyan government decision on closing down goes ahead many Somali girls would not be able to access education back home.

Kenya government earlier reiterated the decision to shut down the world largest refugee camp as final saying it has threatened its national security and environment an argument human rights organizations denied.


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