Jawari Announces Resignation In A Joint Press Brief With Rival Farmaajo

Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and Mohamed Osman Jawari on Tuesday held a rare joint  press briefing to confirm the resignation of the Speaker after a one month long political tussle between the two.

Farmaajo told the nation that no conditions were attached to the resignation of embattled Lower House Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari.

“I wanted to assure you that  I will step down tomorrow morning in Parliament” Jawari told reporters at the Villa Somalia briefing.

“I will talk more during Wednesday session when I officially hand over the tools of power” Jawari added in his short speech.

Farmaajo was diplomatic in his speech confirming the resignation of a man he had locked horns splitting the parliament into two rival groups and sending the country into a political crisis.

“Jawari is a Somali statesman and I thank him so much for having worked for over 50 years for the government. He is an expert in law. He has worked in different capacities and the decision he has taken is historical” Farmaajo said.

“There were no conditions attached to his decision” he asserted in the wake of talk that an agreement was had been reached between the two for the Speaker to resign.

“And I appeal honorable Jawari to continue in his efforts to contribute into the constitution review process. And we hope to continue to advise on the constitution review process by Gods grace”.

Jawari who only a few days ago swore not to resign is expected to address parliament on Wednesday.

Deputy Speaker Abdiweli Mudey on Monday told Parliament that he had received resignation letter from Jawari but until Tuesday neither had Villa Somalia nor the Speaker issue and official confirmation.

Jawari has served as the Speaker since 2012. Three planned impeachment motion sessions flopped until his surprise resignation on Monday.

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