Jawari Accuses Executive Of Ordering Security Forces To Block Mps 

Lower House Speaker  Mohamed Jawari has claimed that the executive ordered forces to block more than 100 Mps from accessing Parliament.
Quoting Article 38 of the Provisional constitution Jawari saod the presence of police in the House was illegal.
Jawari told reporters that he had been stopped upon his arrival at the Parliament buildings and asked to leave his security.
“I was told the Security minister, who is a among those behind the motion against me issued the order.” Jawari said
Earlier Military, Police and NISA chiefs had accused Jawari of “besieging” Parliament with armed guards contrary to security procedures.
“They claimed I captured parliament with eleven security officers. If that is so then it also means the President has also captured Villa Somalia.” Jawari said.
Jawari spoke after a meeting with Amisom Commander Brigadier Paul Lokech in which it was agreed that Parliament business be suspended.

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