Hormuud Accuses KDF of “Undermining” It’s Services, Says 60000 Affected In Recent Mast Destruction

Somalia’s leadimg telecommunicationb company Hormuud Telecom has yet again protested the destruction of it’s property by Kenya security agents inside Somalia.

On Tuesday Hormuud Telecom mast in Ali Bulay near Dhobley town in Gedo region was reportedly destroyed by kenyan forces.

“We deplore the destruction of Ali-Bulay site. The 6th site that Kenyan troops destroy in months. Such extra judicial death and destruction will undermine the services we provide to the Somali people and the recovery of the country. Our staff in the area reported torture” a statement by Hormuud partly said.

“Up to 60,000 people were affected by the Kenyan troops attacks on @HormuudLtd sites. These people don’t have access to basic needs such as paying for food, transportation and contacting their families” the telecommunication company added.

A similar incident occurred near El-Wak on July 24 where teo guards were killed.

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